Course Content-
Global Studies is intended to provide you with an enhanced grasp of current world affairs. We will be looking at every region of the world in an attempt to understand how connected and interdependent the global community truly is. We will explore the geography, culture, and history of various regions in order to gain a better awareness of current political, economic, and social conditions around the globe.

This course focuses on the following essential questions:

  • How are social, political, and economic events interconnected at the global level?
  • What role should the United States play in world affairs?
  • What nations are emerging world powers?
  • How are 21st century media technologies impacting world affairs?
  • What are the most pressing concerns facing the global community today?

and has the following objectives:

  • To use current events to examine relevant themes in the global community.
  • To create global citizens with an awareness and understanding of different cultures.
  • To practice intellectual and technical skills students will need to be successful in college and the workplace.

Learning Activities-
We will be using current events to explore key issues in various global regions. Our primary areas of focus will be Africa, Asia, and the Middle East; however, we will be exploring the global issues and themes that connect these regions with Europe and the Americas. Themes to be discussed include; ethnic and religious conflict, human rights, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, climate and health, globalization, and geopolitics. Each unit will also focus on the development and demonstration of particular writing, cognitive, and technology-based skills.

As seniors, students should be able to demonstrate responsibility for their own learning. Global studies will focus on inquiry driven learning, a method that:

  • Allows for significant learning about issues that interest individual students.
  • Develops students’ question-asking, problem-solving, and thinking skills.
  • Improves students’ skills in finding information and examining its worth and reliability.
  • Practicing skills in taking notes, organizing information and one’s thoughts, and communicating these thoughts logically and effectively to others.
  • Promotes further curiosity & learning and encourages students to make inquiry a lifelong pursuit.
(A. Shapiro. “The Purpose of Inquiry Driven Learning.” Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility.)

Similar to a college setting, students will have marking period exams that review instructional content and current events covered during that marking period. Senior exemption applies to the course final exam.

You will need a three ring binder specifically for this course. It should be at least 1-inch thick. I recommend you use only loose-leaf paper as it helps keep your notebook cleaner and more organized. You will need sections for each of our regions, “Maps on Mondays,” and “What in the World Wednesday’s” - current events & political cartoon analysis. I will periodically collect notebooks for a grade so it will be to your ultimate benefit to maintain an organized notebook. There is no textbook for the course.

Preparation & Participation-
Preparation for and participation in class activities and discussion is imperative to the success of the class and to your success as a student within the course. Plus, it’s much more fun to be plugged in and aware of what’s going on around you!

Rules and Regs-
My expectations focus on RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, COMMUNITY, and COMMON SENSE! Learning is an ongoing, interactive process that I expect you to engage in when in the classroom. All STHS policies apply, with special emphasis on academic integrity. Action will be taken if the learning process is disrupted. I expect you to be prepared, to be respectful and polite, to be mature, to be tidy, to be responsible, and to be here. Remember, you must pass Global Studies in order to graduate.

Online Assignments-
Global Studies Wiki- Students will join the class wiki where they will be able to access class materials, plan and discuss unit material, and share and evaluate student work. The course wikipage is Most written assignments must also be posted to google classroom and to
Google Classroom Code: ug0usd

Turnitin: 14572328and the password is“spartan

Grading Policy-
Student grades are accessible online. I use a cumulative points total, with major projects and assignments worth more points. I have found this system to be the most accurate reflection of a student’s participation in and understanding of the course. I will stress that you must put in good, independent effort and complete all assignments on time and to the best of your ability if you wish to be successful. Remember, unexcused absences go in the grading program as an automatic “0”!

Absences and Late Assignments-
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to keep up with the assignments you miss. Check the class wikipage for links to lessons and handouts. Hard copies of all classroom handouts can be found in the clear “Yaffa” block next to the windows. As preparation and participation are essential to a current events based course, homework is expected to be completed on time. Assignments are expected to be turned in the day they are due, which means before or during class; however, I will accept homework for half credit the following day. This does not apply to projects, papers, or presentations! Projects due on the day of an absence are due on that day regardless – email it or have a sibling, parent, or friend hand it in for you. The teacher will determine on an individual basis if special circumstances warrant any exception to this policy. In general, the late penalty for major assignments is a 10% daily deduction. Tests are to be completed within three school days from the date of absence, students are responsible for arranging testing time with the teacher. Extended, excused illnesses are the only reason to not have all work turned in before the unit exam. Unexcused absences are automatic 0’s! Get your notes in and show them to me.

As a high school and college student athlete, I understand that several of you are involved in sports and other activities that will cause you to miss class occasionally and put extra demands upon your time. Having been in that position myself, I know I worked hard to keep up with my academics and I will expect the same effort from you. Extracurriculars are an opportunity to learn valuable time management skills as well as responsibility, they are not an excuse for being late with homework or long term assignments. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of planned absences and field trips in advance, and to obtain all classwork and homework assignments for the absence.

Hall Pass Policy-
It is a very simple policy. If you are not physically in class, you are not getting your money’s worth! Students can have one “out” per week, be it locker, bathroom, drink, etc. You are required to get teacher permission. Be sure to take the hall pass with you. This is a school-wide policy. Only one person is allowed out of the room at a time, and you must have the teacher’s permission to leave the room. It is at my discretion to send you places while working on in-class projects.

Contact Information-
I firmly believe in open lines of communication between home and school. I encourage you to seek the assistance of your classmates, your parents, and your teacher (me) when you encounter a problem and I will stress the sooner you do so the better! The quickest, easiest, and most sure way to contact me (if you’re outside the building) is by email! Also, feel free to stop by my room or schedule an appointment if you need an extended period of time.

Thank You!

Jessica Riley


Voicemail: 233-6030 ex2686



I look forward to learning with you this semester!